Flock Update!!!

Okay I know I totally went MIA again, sorry about that, I have been and still am mega sick and so is my Mom now too whichs means I’ve had to do a lot more stuff than I feel like or should be doing, but anyway on to the flock.

The Budgies:

They had one fertile egg from their first clutch and the chick hatched on March 15, 2013, named Haven.

Before Haven was even out of the nest box, they decided to have another clutch, this time there are 4 chicks, the oldest hatched on 5/4/13, 2nd hatched on 5/7/2013, 3rd hatched on 5/9/13, and the last hatched 5/10/13.

The cockatiels:

Apparently my teils have decided to lay a clutch as well, I check the nest box and they have 2 eggs. You can see Sing-Sing here protecting them.


I uploaded a couple new videos of Tango on youtube. He is such a doll, he’s come up with a few new nicknames for me, including pretty bird and honey, he’s such a sweet talker, he’s also decided that he likes me to rub his tongue as well as his head, lol.

Watch video

New additions:

Well after years of talking about it I finally bought me some chickens, 3 to be exact. They are just so cute and they are growing like weeds, I have already had to put together a new brooder for them cause they out grew there’s in a matter of a day. This one should last awhile though, its a 45 gallon storage tub for the bottom and a mesh screen lid I made for the top, easy access and the overhead lights work great on it.




In addition to the chickens, I will also be getting another cinnamon green cheek conure in a few days, I guess you could say its a late birthday present for my self.

And as for the rest of my flock they are doing great I will hopefully be pulling the budgie chicks in a couple of days for handfeeding 🙂

Finally a Chick!!!

Just when I was ready to completely give up on breeding budgies, I finally had one egg hatch. This little on hatched on March 15. Now normally I would have taken this chick and hand raised it myself, but I had to do something last week and it was an all day thing so I decided to let the parents go ahead and raise this one.




And here is some pictures from today:






I think the violet color of this chick is amazing!!!

Tango The Magnificent

Finally a new post, I’m having a terrible time with my internet and computer and its making doing anything online difficult. It’s really proving to be a problem in my Etsy shop as I need to be able to list and sell stuff, but anyway on to the fun stuff, I have added a new flock member, meet Tango:


Tango is a 12 year old Congo African Grey. He is such an incredible guy. He is the largest of my 3 greys.

Tango has a large vocabulary, including:

Hello Darlin
Pretty bird
Tango is a pretty bird
Tango, Tango, Tango
Good morning
Hello Baby
Hi Baby
Singing: Old McDonald, ei ei o, with a quack quack here
come here
hello pretty bird
happy bird
more, More, MORE
Yabba dabba do
Yabba dabba dabba dabba dabba dabba do
give us a kiss
I see you

and lots more stuff. He’s so cute, if he wants something you have he’ll scream more, More, MORE, hahaha, I love it, that is so something a bird of mine would say. Noel likes to yell ‘I’m hungry and I don’t want to wait’, lol. Noel is still mad at me though, she keeps telling me bad bird and I got down graded from big bird to mac, hmmm. Lol I just got upgraded back to bird, I’m so happy, she also said, ‘what are you doing you pretty bird you’ YAY, I’m loved again. Tango has quickly learned to order me around, when he wants me to rub his head, which is all the time, he’ll tell me to rub head or touch head, while dipping his head down. He also loves his fruits, especially apple and grapes. Tango also likes to speak in an Australian accent and says G’Day, hahaha, I have a bad habit of slipping into Japanese and British speech, even though I’m totally American and always have been, I just enjoy Japanese and British stuff, Pepper speaks sometimes in a British accent and now Tango speaks in a Australian accent, what a bunch were are, hahaha.

Here’s some more pics of Tango:



I finally did it…

Over a year ago I lost my beloved Leo, a turquoise green cheek conure. Our time together was short but we were very much bonded. Leo died as a result of a faulty cage, that I didn’t know at the time was a risk, you can view the cage on my bird forum: http://birdworld.forumotion.com/ After his death it took me months before I could actually even touch his cage and to this day I can’t talk or think about him or look at his picture without bawling my eyes out. But I finally got myself another green cheek, meet Squeakers:

Squeakers is a cinnamon green cheek conure. She is named squeakers cause she sits and squeaks at me every waking moment. She is very cuddly and clingy. She loves to kiss and climb into my hair or my shirt. A total perfect angel. My Mom will also be getting her sibling in the next day or so, an early Easter present from me 😀

Another Kaytee Recall!!!

Another Kaytee recall has been issued everybody be on the lookout!!!

Recall — Firm Press Release

FDA posts press releases and other notices of recalls and market withdrawals from the firms involved as a service to consumers, the media, and other interested parties. FDA does not endorse either the product or the company.

Kaytee Recalls Bird Treats and Greens Due to Possible Salmonella Contamination from Parsley Flakes

1-800-Kaytee1 (800 529-8331)

Mark Newberg

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – February 19, 2013 – Kaytee Products is recalling several bird treats and greens items due to possible contamination of Salmonella from parsley flake ingredients supplied to Kaytee by Specialty Commodities, Inc., an outside supplier to Kaytee.
Product Code/SKU/ Material # UPC Code Size Product Name/Description Best Before Code (day/month/yr)
100032244 7185940410 2 lb Kaytee Fiesta Max Canary/Finch 9/28/2013 through 5/7/2014
100032881 7185900431 3.5 oz Kaytee Honey Treat – Parakeet 12/6/2013 through 5/29/2014
100032922 7185955027 7 oz Kaytee Honey Treat – Parakeet (Value Pack) 12/4/2013 through 8/2/2014
100032982 7185900434 3.5 oz Kaytee Honey Treat – Parakeet 12/6/2013 through 8/2/2014
100502615 7185999885 3.5 oz Kaytee Fiesta Fruit & Veggie Treat – Parakeet 1/15/2014 through 7/24/2014
100502749 7185999855 9.5 oz Kaytee Fiesta Fruit & Veggie Treat – Parakeet 12/18/2013 through 7/31/2014
100502937 7185994235 3.5 oz Kaytee Forti-Diet ProHealth Honey Treat – Parakeet 12/5/2013 through 7/17/2014
100502940 7185994236 7 oz Kaytee Forti-Diet ProHealth Honey Treat – Parakeet (Value Pack) 12/4/2013 through 8/1/2014
100503001 7185994268 4 ct Kaytee Forti-Diet ProHealth Munchables Shred-A-Box Honey Seed Treats (4 Boxes) 3/7/2014 through 7/30/2014
100503064 7185994264 11 oz Kaytee Forti-Diet ProHealth Molting & Conditioning – Small Birds 12/25/2013 through 8/5/2014
100503808 7185955027 7 oz Kaytee Honey Treat – Parakeet (Value Pack) 12/6/2013 through 7/31/2014
100504021 7185994368 2.25 oz Kaytee Fiesta Nutty Papaya Treat – Parakeet & Cockatiel 12/4/2013 through 6/25/2014
100504029 7185994370 1.5 oz Kaytee Fiesta Foraging Treat for Pet Birds 1/27/2014 through 5/29/2014
100504971 73725727166 3.2 oz Grreat Choice Treat Sticks for Small Birds (2 sticks) 12/13/2013 through 2/4/2014
100504974 73725727165 9.6 oz Grreat Choice Treat Sticks for Small Birds (6 sticks) 12/10/2013 through 3/19/2014
100506593 7185994615 1.5 oz Kaytee Foraging Box O’Fun Treat for Pet Birds 1/28/2014 through 7/30/2014
100510282 7185994708 1 oz Kaytee Bird Greens Foraging Treat 12/1/2013 through 5/28/2014

Product and product lots that do not appear on the list above are not subject to this recall.

No human or pet illnesses have been reported to-date. The recall notification is being issued based on a recall letter dated February 11, 2013 from Specialty Commodities, Inc. The above-referenced Kaytee products were originally manufactured as early as June 12, 2012. While Kaytee has not had any positive Salmonella results on finished product to suggest possible contamination, we are initiating this recall in accordance with FDA guidelines. Kaytee is taking immediate action to remove the potentially affected product from all retail stores and distribution centers.

Salmonella can affect animals eating the products and there is a risk to humans from handling contaminated pet products. Pet owners should thoroughly wash their hands after having contact with these products and clean any surfaces that were exposed.

Healthy persons exposed to Salmonella should monitor themselves for some or all of the following symptoms: nausea, vomit, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping, and fever. In rare circumstances, infection with Salmonella can result in more serious ailments, including arterial infections, endocarditis, arthritis, muscle pain, eye irritation, and urinary track symptoms. Consumers exhibiting these symptoms after having contact with these products should contact their physician or healthcare provider.

Pets with Salmonella infections may be lethargic and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever, and vomiting. Some pets will have only decreased appetite, fever and abdominal pain. Infection but otherwise healthy pets can be carriers and infect other animals or humans. If your pet has consumed the recalled product(s) and has these symptoms, please contact your veterinarian.

Recalled products were distributed to retailers and distributors in the states of Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin; and, into the countries of Canada, China, Guam, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Pakistan, Singapore, and the UAE.

Consumers who have purchased the above-referenced Kaytee products with the referenced “Best Before” dates are urged to contact Kaytee Customer Service representatives.

A letter and instructions will be forwarded to all Kaytee customers. Kaytee Customer Service representatives and company veterinarians are responding to inquires through the 1-800-Kaytee1 (800 529-8331) phone number and will answer any questions regarding pets that have been fed the product. Pet owners can also visit the Kaytee website for more information http://www.kaytee.com/.
Source: http://www.fda.gov/Safety/Recalls/ucm340596.htm

Finally Eggs…

I’m back again, hehe, sorry everyone, things went crazy and my health has worsened, so I’ve been MIA for a while. I do have good news to report though, after almost 2 years of trying, one of my budgie pairs (Angel & Onyx) finally laid an egg. Avitech’s Aviagra works wonders, hehe. The male is a rare Anthracate mutation. Now I’m just hoping they are fertile, I haven’t candled them yet and I might not for a while as Angel doesn’t come out much, lol I haven’t actually even seen her come out, but I’m not with them all the time since they are in my bird room. So far we are up to 3 eggs. Now without further delay its picture time.



Just When You Think They Can’t get Any Cuter…

Just when I think the fids can’t possibly get any cuter than they already are they go and top themselves. Last nights play time was even more fun than usual. Kya sat and kissed me for 30 minutes straight, by the time she was finished my lips were raw, lol. She’s a doll, so sweet and loving. Azure decided he wanted kisses too, though he was not nearly as vigorous as Kya, but for him it was a major display since he doesn’t usually even come to me on his own. He also decided he likes the camera and tried to take it from me 🙂


Scarlet took the cake learning a new trick, I taught her to stick her tongue out at me, hahaha, so that’s our new thing I stick my tongue out at her and she sticks hers back out at me, it was priceless. She’s the only one of my Mom’s birds that will actually still let me touch her, even Snowflake who was said to be the sweetest baby and loved everybody, only loves my Mom now and nobody else including me and I have the cut on my finger to prove it, hahaha.


Here’s a few more pics from play time for everyone to enjoy, Sasha (Sun conure), Pepper (grey) and Midori (Senegal)

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